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What We Include For You

  • Over 20 Different Stain Treatments Available
  • Pet stains & Odour Removal
  • Quick Drying
  • Move Your furniture and replace after cleaning
  • No VAT or hidden charges to pay

Pet Stain & Odour Treatment

Pet stain removal is something that most pet owners inevitably face at some point. Even if your pet is very well behaved, it is almost impossible to avoid having a few pet stains on your carpets or upholstery. Quick pet stain removal is then very important. The sooner you have the pet stain cleaned the greater the possibility that it will disappear entirely. Pet stain cleaning is also important because is you leave the stain for some time, you will then face another problem – having odours in your home.

If you need professional pet stain removal and have to find a cleaning company in thanet which will be able to respond on your enquiry quickly, spring clean carpets are the the right one for you. As an experienced cleaning company in carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, i have the knowledge and skills to perform the most effective pet stain and odour removal. I undergo ongoing training in professional stain removal for a wide variety of stains. Pet stains removal is one of the most frequently required cleaning services because it is often very difficult and sometimes impossible for pet owners to control their pets. That is why I use proven pet stain removal methods and the most effective cleaning solutions and equipment.

Included in all pet stain and odour removal jobs that I undertake, I apply three sanitisers to ensure your carpet is left as fresh and healthy as possible.

Why Choose Us

  • Kill dust mites, germs and bacteria lurking in soft furnishings, carpets and mattresses
  • Remove flea eggs from areas favoured by your pets
  • Give your carpets a new lease of life with improved colour, softness and a fluffier feel
  • Eradicate strong odours and allergy inducing pollutants and pollens
  • Remove sweat, blood, urine, food and drink stains from your carpets
  • Save you money by making carpets last longer
  • Provide advice on how to maintain your carpets correctly

What Client’s Say

Spring clean carpets.. exceptionally good service,,,friendly and reliable.. carpets came up a treat, got rid of doggy odours and pet soiling…. fantastic price for living room stairs and landing.. will definitely be using again in the new year
Mrs Perkins, Thanet