Dangers Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets need cleaning. They're looking a bit worse for wear, and you need a quick fix that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg. You've seen those ads online about hiring carpet cleaning machines for a day, and it all sounds relatively easy and relatively cheap.


Would it hurt to try a bit of DIY carpet cleaning before you seek out the help of a professional?
DIY carpet cleaning is fast becoming a popular option in households across the country, but unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as it seems. The correct cleaning of carpets requires specific machinery and knowledge and, without one or the other, you run the risk of causing lasting damage to your carpets.

So, DIY carpet cleaning, is it worth giving it a go? Let’s find out.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Pros

  1. Hire machines are easy to obtain and can be delivered at your convenience

  2.  Hire machines are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

  3.  DIY carpet cleaning is often (not always!) cheaper than professional carpet cleaning

  4.  DIY carpet cleaning can improve the overall look of your carpets

DIY Carpet Cleaning Cons

1. Because hire machines are lightweight, they aren’t as powerful as the machines used by professionals. This means that while the overall look of your carpet may be improved, dirt will still be harboured within the fibres, meaning your carpet won’t really be that much cleaner than when you started
2. Hire machines can be challenging to use – they require frequent filling and emptying, which can be incredibly time-consuming
3. Without the correct carpet cleaning knowledge, you run the risk of using the wrong kind of hire machine or misusing it, which can cause lasting damage to your carpets

DIY Carpet Cleaning Consequences
While there are some pros to DIY carpet cleaning, the consequences of doing so can sometimes lead to costly carpet replacements. If you choose DIY carpet cleaning, you run the risk of:

1. Damp carpets – smaller machines aren't powerful enough to dry your carpets, leaving them wet for long periods of time, which may cause unpleasant odours
2. Delamination – dampness causes the latex in your carpet to break down, meaning it may come away from its backing
Frequent or rapid re-soiling – some hire machines use detergents with high pH levels. These leave behind residues that speed up the soiling process
3. Disappointing results overall – while the results on the ads may look professional, this definitely isn’t the case in the real world. Hire machine results are often disappointing and may cause more problems than they fix.

Professional Carpet Cleaning with Spring Clean Homes
Here at Spring Clean Homes, we provide professional carpet cleaning services to our customers to ensure they never have to worry about inadvertently damaging their carpets.
We use top of the range machinery to guarantee beautifully clean and hygienic carpets and our knowledge and experience ensure consequences associated with DIY carpet cleaning are avoided entirely.

For a professional, affordable carpet cleaning service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. by emailing us at or calling us on 07531130937


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