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End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning In Brecon

Moving Out Carpet Cleaning

We understand that when you are moving out of a property, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company may not be top of your priority list, but it really should be given some consideration to ensure your landlord doesn't withhold some or all of your deposit. A quick vacuum of the carpets unfortunately will not suffice as this will not break the bond of soil and stains to the carpet, and certainly will not remove the dirt, soil, dead fibres and anything else that may be lurking at the bottom of the carpet.

Don't Hire A DIY Carpet Cleaning Machine

Of course you could hire a machine from the local DIY shop, and we understand that this may seem like the cheapest option, but can so easily be a false economy. If the carpets are not cleaned to a high enough standard, the landlord or estate agent may request a professional company then carry out the clean anyway and still withhold from the deposit. This is something we have seen many times in the past. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine will likely not leave the carpets to a high enough standard. There is also a chance that the machinge has not been thoroughly cleaned & disinfected since the last person used it and returned it to the shop. This can easily lead to cross contamination leading to smells after the clean. These machines often are unable to get the carpets dry enough too which can lead to a very high chance of airbourne dust settling on the damp and making more stains even before its dry!


Peace Of Mind Carpet Cleaning

For your peace of mind of ticking the box for the estate agent or landlord, its vitally important that you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. As well as the deep hot carpet clean, we are able to individually treat spots on the carpets that need a little more attention such as makeup, vomit, urine, tea, oil, crayons etc. Your carpets will be free of all dirt and nasty creepy crawlies, as well as having the wow factor of our air deoderiser to raise your house price by £££'s or to show the landlord you have cared for your property and recieve your full deposit back. We are also happy to provide paperwork to prove that carpets have been professionally cleaned. Call un now on 01227 389938 to receieve a quotation

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Our Promise

We operate a small family team, which means that we are all on the same page when it comes to our core promise. Excellence, commitment & customer respect.


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Hire A Professional

Its also important to consider that the cheapest carpet cleaning company may also not be the best company. If a company is charging such a cheap rate, does it mean that their machine is substandard, or that they are cutting corners in the thorough preperation process. Worst still, they dont have the correct insurance which could leave you with an insurance claim and even more out of pocket. 

Price Guide

£162 2 Bedroom house

£180 3 Bedroom house

£228 4 Bedroom house

£3.30 Each Stairs

£66 Lounge

£96 Lounge/Diner

£28.8 Single Bedroom

£48 Double Bedroom

£72 Hall Stairs & Landing

*Prices inclusive of VAT

Our Minimum Price is £85